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West Columbia Food Map

February 13, 2020

If you’ve found yourself in West Columbia, unsure where to eat, Joe Taylor’s food map is just what you need. The map was launched in support of local eateries that have long satisfied our community. Taylor also considered hungry visitors who may not be aware of the many restaraunt gems. West Columbia’s food map is diversely compiled, ranging from family friendly spots, cafes, fast food and fine dining. In the words of Tem Miles, W. Columbia’s Mayor, “The map makes you want to go out and eat.”

Where can this map be found?

  1. West Columbia’s City Hall
  2. Visit Mr. Taylor’s office at the State Street Development Company
  3. Send a letter and address it to WC Food Map, 146 State St, West Columbia, 29169.

There are five thousand copies available to the public, so make sure to spread the word to your family and friends.

Certainly Mr. Joe Taylor’s purpose has succeeded. Locals and new faces alike have benefited from this detailed map. Mike Daikubara, the designer of the chart, had this to say: “I was not familiar with the locations. I just moved to North Carolina about a year ago, and South Carolina is still very new to me. He told me about all these great restaurants and I went to check them out.” As you get your personal copy, check off a new restaurant every time you are in the area. With 57 food attractions listed, you’ll be on a delicious tour of the West side!

(Image Source: wistv.com/Joe Taylor, Mike Daikubara)