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Update: Water Recreation During South Carolina Home or Work Order

Updated 5/14/2020 by Amaya Thompson

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Gov. McMaster issued a statewide Stay-At-Home or Work Order. The exception for outdoors recreation has enable Lake Murray residents to continue hunting, boating, fishing and further lake recreation. Though water use is permitted, it must be done within the safety parameters.

Restrictions on public water use, such as beaches, lakes, rivers, docks and piers, have been lifted since the initial order. However, overcrowding has proven to be a danger and is prohibited; occupant limits are being enforced. The 6-feet apart rule remains in effect. Masks are required in some places, but to prevent further spread, it is encouraged to wear one even if not asked. Close contact during water recreation is also not allowed. These guidelines give our community a reprieve from being indoors. To keep our waters open, please follow the rules close and carefully!


  1. Can I park at a Public Ramp and go bank fishing? Yes, Henry McMaster has now reopened public access points.
  2. Are the boat landings within the SCNDR closed? The governor has made the executive order to reopen these landings and ramps only “for the limited purpose of launching and retrieving boats. Public beach access points remain closed.”
  3. Can I launch my boat from my friend’s private dock? Yes, though it is adamant to maintain social distancing when doing so.

As the months progress, regulations and orders will continue to lift or decrease. You can enjoy time with your family by practicing safe water recreation. By following the local guidelines, Lake Murray will remain healthy, updated and informed.

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