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Virtual Summer Camps & More!

June 28, 2020

Year-round virtual camps update coming soon

Being stuck at home can make adults, but especially children restless. It’s important to keep kids and teenagers entertained and satisfied this summer. Though our “new normal” affects attending in person summer camps, virtual camps have come to the rescue. Here are 15 Virtual Summer Camp options to explore:

  1. Camp Wonderopolis
    The NCFL (National Center for Families Learning) host this STEM centered virtual camp. Throughout the program, campers will explore and engage in the outdoors, watch videos and discuss topics like food, the Earth and technology.

  2. Camp SuperNow
    For children ages 5-11, Camp SuperNow provides an escape from boredom during quarantine. Class is now open, and sessions begin every Monday. For an hour each day, camp counselors lead crafts, games, singalongs and even field trips. Sessions are $199/per camper.

  3. iD Tech
    Kids and teens who are fascinated in technology and design will enjoy this summer camp. For 4 hours, Monday to Friday, participants will be taught game design, engineering and coding. Pricing starts at $399

  4. Met Opera Global Summer Camp
    This eight week program will teach performing, literary and culinary arts. Instructors will consist of, musicians, artists, writers, clowns, puppeteers and even bakers. Attendance is free of charge. The dates are June 15 – August 7, from Monday to Friday. Camp is intended for ages 8-18.

  5. SiriusXM’s “Camp KPL
    Camp KPL promotes music, comedy and activity. Summer doesn’t have to be dull this year, tune into Sirius XM’s Kid’s Place Live channel for family friendly live music, comedy acts and games. The channel is available now, airing weekdays from 12-3pm EST.

  6. Code Ninjas (Lexington, SC)
    This camp is created like a game, campers will begin at a white belt, then graduate to a black belt upon completion of tasks and the overall program. Coding, video game design and problem solving are among the activities campers will engage in. Programs are Monday through Thursday, from 1 to 7:30 PM.

  7. Act One Theatre Camp
    A summer camp fit for students with interest in the performing arts. Whether their talents are singing, dancing, acting or all three, children and teens can explore the world of theatre. There will be three sessions this year. Session 1: June 15-July 3rd. Session 2: July 6-July 24. Session 3: July 27-August 14.

  8. Healthy Teens
    There are 7 groups a student can join in this camp. Art Camp, Book Lover’s Camp, Computer Club, Cooking Club, Games/Lego Club, Photography Club, Theater Camp, Wellness/Fitness Camp. Teens can explore their hobbies and connect with new friends nationwide.

  9. The Babysitting Company
    For parents with busy schedules, this virtual camp will save your day. Instructors keep the children occupied, with virtual field trips, yoga, dance parties, crafts and games, while you tend to daily matters. Prices vary, you may request a reservation at thebabysittingcompany.com

  10. Little Medical School
    LMS is a hands-on educational program about the world of health science. During this camp, little doctors will learn about medicine, surgical processes, medical terms and role play hospital situationsm Kids will also be provided tools doctors use to perform medical procedures. Classes are Monday to Friday, from 9am to 12pm, then again at 1 to 4pm.

  11. CEO of My Life
    For future innovators, entrepreneurs and business owners, CEO instructs self bettering, financial planning and skill enhancing. The goal of this program is to help kids and teens attain the confidence to reach both short and long term goals. The camp has opened, and sessions are available Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm. Price: $450

  12. Webgyrlz Code (Columbia, SC)
    For Techie girls, this virtual summer camp will teach HTML coding, scratch programming and how to build and design their very own website. Participating girls will also be taught the ins and outs of Computer Science careers. Summer camps will run a various times from June – August. Grades 3-12 are welcome to join the sessions. Some camps open to Girls & Boys. Check website for updates.

  13. Varsity Tutors
    Varsity Tutors is a program featuring experts in numerous subjects; such as wildlife, architecture, comics, languages and much more. Kids of all ages can browse the many interest based camps and join expert led lessons, games and activities. Classes may range from 1 to 8 weeks.

  14. Baketiviity Bake-A-Camp
    This year, kids at home can get creative and bake delicious treats with new friends. Professional bakers will show tricks and techniques to use, and provide a new recipe each session. Campers will receive a baking kit with aprons, tools and a recipe book upon enrollment. You can sign up for the 4 week course today at https://baketivity.com/virtual-baking-summer-camp/

  15. Woof Wag Dogs
    If your kid is an animal lover, they’d be a perfect member for this camp. Instruction on pet care and dog training are given; as well as games and exercises to closer bond them and their dog. Upon completion of this camp, students will receive a certificate as a “Dog Trainer”. The camp will be launched July 18th.