• Lake Murray Water Level

    WATER LEVEL 354.28 Feet MSL Wednesday, February 8, 2023   1:30:00 AMLevel is 5.72 feetbelow full pool of 360.00 source: http://murray.uslakes.info/Level/

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Tips to Protect Your Boat in a Hurricane

If you own a boat and you hear reports a hurricane is coming, your first thought may be, “how do I protect my investment?” Check out these tips from BoatSafe.com. Remember, no one can 100% accurately predict a storm’s path or severity of the destruction. These tips are precautionary methods that can help, but they offer no guarantee of complete boat protection.

We have listed the basics from BoatSafe.com. You can click the link at the bottom of the post for details (and diagrams).

  1. If you must move your boat, first inspect the trailer to ensure that it is in proper operating condition.
  2. Increase the weight of your trailered outboard boat by filling it with fresh water and leaving in the drainplug (inboard boats must be drained to avoid motor damage).
  3. Never stay with your boat.

Read the full article: https://www.boatsafe.com/protecting-boat-hurricane/