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The Exploding Food Scene in the Midlands of South Carolina

In the last few years the food and restaurant industry has exploded in the Midlands of South Carolina. So much so, our area has made its mark in the industry. In 2017 Food & Wine magazine named Columbia, South Carolina as one of the “best new food destinations” in the country. Why?

According to the article author, Gowri Chandr, Columbia is benefiting from spill-over from the Charleston food scene that has grown more expensive over the years. Renowned chefs such as Sean Brock have shined a spotlight on the foodie world erupting in Columbia. From a coffee lovers perfect spot at Indah Coffee to fine dining at The Oak Table, a quick drive from Lake Murray to downtown Columbia will not disappoint if you’re searching for the “next big thing”.

What makes restaurants stand out in the Midlands of South Carolina? Many of them use locally sourced products to bring the Old South to elevated Southern cuisine. Whether it’s watermelon molasses or heirloom red corn grits, you have to experience the new South on a plate!

Local Food and Wine Festival

The Columbia area is also making its mark in the food industry with its own food festival, the 2019 Columbia Food and Wine festival. This will be the second year for the event, brought to the area by The Five Points Association and Free Times. Planned for April 26 – 28, 2019, the festival promises a “journey through Columbia’s finest plates and pours.” Tickets start at $45 and the Saturday Soda City Market International Corridor is FREE! Click here for details.

Ready for your foodie tour through breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Read the full article from Food & Wine magazine and see what the featured restaurants have to offer. Click here