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5 Things to Know About Selling Your Lake House

Don’t think Spring is the best time to sell. When you own a lake home those traditional real estate rules don’t apply!

According to the New York Times, “putting a vacation property on the market requires a different strategy than selling a primary residence.”

Our Lake Homes Realty agents sell millions of dollars of lake real estate all year long. In fact, listing your home in a season other than spring might help you stand out. At all times of the year, we have important tips for selling.

The Pointes of Plantation Pointe, Lake Murray, SC

If you’re considering selling your lake house in a time of year other than Spring, here are some seasonally-specific tips to keep in mind:

  1. Use Spring Photos in Marketing: using spring photos improves sales. Buyers place a strong emphasis on their first impression of your home on the internet. Homes with good quality photography sell 32 percent faster than those with low-quality photos.
  2. Prioritize Curb Appeal: with a lake home curb appeal means not only mowing the lawn and cleaning up the porch, but also the shoreline requires landscaping as well. Prioritize curb appeal and consult your agent about what curbside changes will enhance your lake home.
  3. Home Décor: go easy on the holiday-themed. it may be fun, however, excessive decorations can turn off prospective buyers.
  4. Price It Correctly: At the same time, buyer demand has increased because lake homes are perfect social distancing destinations.
  5. Find a Lake-Focused Agent: lake real estate is a different ball game than traditional markets. Unlike residential homes, lake homes are an aspirational product. Our national network equips agents to build connections at lakes across the U.S. As such, the combination of local and national experts will facilitate your sale.

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