• Lake Murray Water Level

    Thursday, July 9, 2020 10:15 AM 357.67 feet MSL Level is .33 feet below the normal high lake level of 358.00. (Full pool is 360.00 feet) source: http://murray.uslakes.info/Level/

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What’s Hot? Lake Murray Property Sales

“Properties on the east side of the lake, which features Lexington and Chapin, have been on a steady rise.” Our Lake Homes REALTOR® Doug Giesler was recently quoted in an article for Columbia Regional Business Report about Lake Murray property sales.  Lake Murray provides a variety of homes whether you are looking for a primary or secondary home. Prices range from weekenders, or smaller houses, starting at $150,000 to larger multi-million dollar properties.

Read the full article: https://columbiabusinessreport.com/news/real-estate-residential/74794/