• Lake Murray Water Level

    WATER LEVEL 356.23 Feet MSL Wednesday, October 5, 2022   12:30:00 AMLevel is 3.77 feetbelow full pool of 360.00 source: http://murray.uslakes.info/Level/

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Lake Murray Dock Regulations

UPDATE: 3/30/2022

For residents looking to build a dock on the lake, there are a few guidelines to heed before building.

  1. As required by Dominion Energy, an application needs to be submitted (see link below) that includes directions and a plat of your property. An onsite inspection will be made to make sure the request is in compliance with Lake Management guidelines. After the inspection approval or denial will be sent in writing. If approved a construction permit will be issued and must be displayed at the work location.
  2. When construction is completed another site visit will occur to inspect construction work. Approved docks will be tagged with a metal decal that must remain visible on the dock at all times.

    To view a full length of dock specifications, view the Lake Murray Permitting Handbook. Click Here
  3. Commercial Dock Requests:
    Dominion Energy
    Lake Management – P05
    Cayce, SC 29033