• Lake Murray Water Level

    Monday, September 21, 2020 6:30 PM 356.13 feet MSL Level is 1.87 feet below the normal high lake level of 358.00. (Full pool is 360.00 feet) source: http://murray.uslakes.info/Level/

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Lake Murray Dock Regulations

January 15, 2020

For residents looking to build a dock on the lake, there are a few guidelines to heed before doing so.

  1. As required by Dominion Energy, all docks must be in compliance with SMP. To ensure proper installation, a member of the Lake Management personnel will come in for inspection, the builder will then be issued a dock permit number. This number will be placed onto the dock to signify it is official.

  2. If you are looking to repair an already existing dock, you are required to put in an application BEFORE any construction is started. A dock cannot conflict with activities, the look of the lake or navigation, hence the need for approval. Even after approval, the permittance of a dock can be denied should it begin to interfere with the environment.

  3. When it comes to the dimensions of a dock, it must have a minimum width of 100 ft. Those who can’t meet that requirement can request a lot width less than 100 feet, only by application. It is important to note that an individual should consult with their neighbor when building a dock. Common docks often are in the space of two property owners. To conserve space, docks must be single story structures.

    To view a full length of dock specifications, view the Lake Murray Permitting Handbook. https://www.sceg.com/about-us/lakes-and-recreation