• Lake Murray Water Level

    WATER LEVEL 352.26 Feet MSL Monday, December 5, 2022   3:30:00 AMLevel is 7.74 feetbelow full pool of 360.00 source: http://murray.uslakes.info/Level/

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How to Find the Perfect Fishing Spot

You found the perfect home on the lake and you’re ready to take advantage of one of the perks of lake  living, fishing. Here are some tips to find the perfect fishing spot:

  1. Ask Around –  check out the local bait shops, get to know your fellow anglers, and check online for local forums and blogs.
  2. Do It Yourself – find a few areas on the lake that are prime targets for a fishing spot. Make sure you know what kind of fish are in your lake, too. Bass, perch, trout and other fish all gravitate toward different areas, depths and temperatures.
  3. Fishing Sonar – there are a dozen brands of technology offer ways to look down into the water and find your next catch.
  4. Trial and Error – Fish the lake! Getting to know every inlet and stretch of your lake can make for years of fun.

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Need some pointers for fishing Lake Murray? Contact our very own Michael Murphy, a professional angler: http://www.lakemurraymichael.com/

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