• Water from Lake Murray to be Released into the Lower Saluda River

    On April 13-14, 17-19, and 27-28, 2019 the Columbia Fire Department will be conducting swift water rescue training. To support this training, Dominion Energy will release water from Lake Murray into the lower Saluda River to provide flows needed for the department. SAFETY FIRST: Water from Lake Murray will be released on each of the ...

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Game Fish vs. Non-Game Fish

(repost from Charmella Williams, Lake Homes Realty)

Know the Difference: Game Fish vs. Non-Game Fish

Fishing is one of the most popular lake activities.

To some, it’s a relaxing pastime. To others, it’s a highly competitive sport that requires massive amounts of technique and patience.

The art of angling isn’t as simple as it looks, however. In the eyes of a fisherman, not all game is the same.

Traditionally, there are two categories of fish: game, or sport, fish and non-game fish. We’ve created a general, freshwater guide on the difference between the two so you can fish with confidence this summer.

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