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    WATER LEVEL 356.88 Feet MSL Tuesday, June 28, 2022   12:30:00 AMLevel is 3.12 feetbelow full pool of 360.00 source: http://murray.uslakes.info/Level/

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Fishing Tips: How to Fish in the Winter

The great thing about owning a lake home is that you can fish year-round. Winter is almost here at Lake Murray and there are still a significant number of fish that remain active during the winter months.

Winter-friendly Fish

Fish are cold-blooded creatures, which means when water temperatures drop, their internal temperatures follow suit. Additionally, not all fish are equally active when the weather changes, so it’s important to know what fish are your most likely targets, where to find them, and how to reel ’em in.

Fish to look for in Lake Murray during the winter:

  • Crappie
  • Channel Catfish
  • Bluegill

From tackle box basics to a list of winter fishing gear, check out Lake Homes Realty’s essential guide to fishing in the winter: https://www.lakehomes.com/info/articles-and-news/fishing-in-the-winter-essential-guide