• Lake Murray Water Level

    WATER LEVEL 355.93 Feet MSL Sunday, November 28, 2021   10:30:00 AMLevel is 4.07 feetbelow full pool of 360.00 source: http://murray.uslakes.info/Level/

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FAQs About Lake Murray

We decided to answer some questions we find people online are asking about Lake Murray.

  1. Is it safe to swim in Lake Murray? YES! There are public beach areas along the shoreline where you can swim. Check out the locations. Click here

  2. Are there alligators in Lake Murray SC? No. The water temperature and depth in parts of the lake usually mean it’s not a great home for gators. Always be aware. if you do happen to see a gator anywhere, stay away from it. Contact SCDNR with any alligator sightings.

  3. Is Lake Murray in South Carolina a man-made lake? Yes. Lake Murray is a 50,000-acre man-made lake built to generate electricity. The lake and dam were under constructed from 1927 through 1930.

  4. What is the deepest part of Lake Murray? The lake is approximately 200′ at its deepest point.