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Columbia Food and Wine Festival

March 19, 2020

It’s that time again! April 23rd-26th Hampton Preston Mansion Gardens will be hosting the 2020 Food and Wine Festival. What’s in store for the festival this year?

Guests will be tasting menu items from over 40 local restaurants, beer from 14 breweries and 100+ wine selections. The festival will kick off in the Five Points neighborhood. Chefs from well-known businesses such as Saluda’s, Motor Supply Co., and Blue Marlin will be present. A sampling of the treats being served are various meats, cheeses and bourbon based cocktails. You’ll be educated on pairings while tasting the combinations yourself!

There’s more to enjoy this upcoming festival. Little ones can participate this year in Cooking With EdVenture. The chefs will be instructing children on cooking, preparing food and safety while doing so. To carry on the celebratory mood, live music will be accompanied with your food and wine. A “guitar experience” will be hosted at the Columbia Museum of Art during the festival. All throughout the three days you will also get a chance to ask culinary experts their tips, tricks and cooking advice. There’s much to experience in these 3 days!

Grab a ticket while you can! Start off spring with your Lake Murray friends at the 2020 Food and Wine Festival! For more information, tickets and pricing visit https://www.columbiafoodandwinefestival.com/tickets-2/